Shockwave therapy in urology is a highly effective method for the treatment of urological diseases — chronic abacterial prostatitis, calculous prostatitis, Peyronie's disease, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, erectile dysfunction.
In our Center of Shockwave therapy these procedures are performed on modern equipment of 2017 year from the company STORZ MEDICAL (Switzerland).
In our clinic shockwave therapy is given to patients with an interval of 5-7 days, the recommended course is from 4 to 7 procedures. During the procedure the applicator is placed superficially at the place of impact without insertion into the cavity.
Thanks to the interchangeable attachments of applicators it is possible to achieve the passage of shock waves to a depth from 3 to 12 cm, which allows you to select an individual treatment regimen in each particular case.
Treatment of urological diseases by shockwave therapy is very effective and can be used in the form of monotherapy.
Focal shockwave therapy without drugs, painful massages and long physiotherapeutic procedures allows to remove pain syndrome, reduce the volume of the prostate gland, making urination free, promotes resorption of calcifications and fibrous focus, as well as plaques in Peyronie's disease, improves erection and potency.
The received effect from the therapy is saved for a long time, provided that the recommendations of the doctor are observed. Therapy of urological diseases on the unique Swiss equipment STORZ MEDICAL is a highly effective method that allows the man to recover health and restore the quality of life in a very short time.
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